Life Happens- What Do You Do?

I’m back!

Life has been interesting lately… (to say the least). But, I’ve been holding it together quite well under the circumstances.

How have I been feeling… well, I’ve been feeling many ways. I’ve been quite down in general, a lot of things have been happening in my personal life, work life, etc. I’ve just had a hard time dealing with things that are happening around me and an especially hard time dealing with myself.

First off, I want to say that we ALL have problems. There’s a famous saying that I always hear..If everyone were to put their problems in a hat, and you were to pick problems out of it, you’d want your own problems back.

I think the issue I’m especially having is that society is just so messed up these days. How much I wished that I could live in a different time BUT thats okay! They say life is 10% of what happens to you and 90% of how you deal with it.One thing that I read and I’m keeping strong hold on is that we should stop viewing situations in our life as bad or good, we should just view them simply as experiences. Something happens to you, fine. Just try to find the lesson learnt in it. We’ve been put on this planet to grow, if we find that situations keep happening over and over to us its because we haven’t learnt the lesson from it.

As a Capricorn, our last full moon REALLY affected me. But, it was my time. There’s a lot of changes in my life that were needing to happen and I am really glad they happened the way they did. Sometime situations aren’t ideal, but again, you need to try to find the lesson in it and simply move on.

Things got so bad for me that it’s been hard for me to be around people, I couldn’t even do readings, I really needed to take some time to just work on myself and WOW am I ever glad that I did.

I read something the other day and it really hit home with me, they say that people who are depressed, are depressed because they simply know what they are capable of and they arent living to their fullest potential. This is what happened to me. I’ve started living my life lately trying to challenge myself as a human being, reading books, putting my body to serious challenges at the gym, dealing with relationships as I need to, etc. Let’s just say that these past few months have been a serious challenge for me as a person and I’m really growing from it.

I want to post to show people that things happen in life and we aren’t all supposed to be perfect all the time, were all human and we all have our battles. It’s just about getting through them with a lesson learnt and moving on!








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