Skeptics-How do you deal?

A problem every single person in this world has to deal with in many different situations.

First off, I’ve been attacked by skeptics and let me tell you what, a part of me wants to start giving them a reading without even asking (this is obviously against what we believe in). But, I find them ignorant and I’d hate to stoop down to their level. Why fight someone and try to force them to believe in what you believe it? I mean we all have the right to believe in whatever it is that we want, who is someone else to tell us that our beliefs are wrong?

When dealing with a skeptic, don’t fight them. A lot of these people were BORN into families just like them, they know nothing else but to be skeptic so we cant be fighting them on this, they know no better.

There will come a point in people’s lives where they have someone pass away, they have a near death experience, or something happens where they realize that something is on the other side helping them.. that’s when they’ll realize. Not when were insulting them, telling them they’re idiots (as much as we want to call them an idiot sometimes lol).

Were special to believe in these things, we open ourselves up to the most beautiful things out there. It’s’ not our problem if others don’t! Please note that with these situations, were dealing with religion and many people don’t believe in what we do, this is why we have to be careful!

This is for all of you wondering how I deal with skeptics ❤ Thank you for reading!



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