First off, I’ve been slacking on the blogging… (I know, I’m bad) but to be honest, I’ve been out in the world learning about all kinds of different stuff, studying different books and religions, it’s been very exciting!

I figured i’d blog about Meditation today because it seems like many people struggle with it.

I started meditating about 8 months ago. I was always one to struggle as well. My suggestion for people who are like me (cant concentrate, mind scattered) is to do guided meditations. I LOVEEEEEE coffee… I mean guided meditations…

I’m going to suggest a few guided meditations that I’ve done to help me along the way…

Intuition Meditation-

ANYONE can do this, don’t think you arent able to! Everyone has the ability to tap into their intuition. This meditation is beautiful.


Astral Projection-  

This astral projection meditation is hands down my favorite, a lot of the times it knocks me out and I don’t know what happened the next morning, other times it really helps me try to leave my body.

Spirit Guide- 

Have you been curious to find out who your spirit guides are? These meditations are amazing, I highly suggest them.

Spirit Animal-

Who isn’t curious about their spirit animal?! Ever wondered why you are so intrigued by an animal? Why you see them in your dreams? Or even everywhere in real life? Do this meditation to find out if they are you spirit animal.


Meditation is really important, when do we get to leave our busy lives and not have anything to thing about? Finally a chance to relax. Not often, maybe when we are on vacation! I see my meditations as little vacations for the mind.. It’s important to feel at peace, and relaxed often in life. Especially if you do readings, it’s important to get away because all these things tend to stick with us.


Meditate & Smudge often ❤



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