So, I’ve had a pretty questionable start to my year. I’ve been in the hospital twice, once I was very ill and the second was because an Calgary Flames player shot a puck at my face (laugh with me).

Regardless, I’m still so grateful for my life. I cannot help but think how much worse things can be every time something happens to me.

  1. I was abused by a man I thought I loved- I lived to tell the story. Although I feared I wouldn’t make it one night, I still made it out alive. I now can share my story with people who may be in the same position. It could have been worse.
  2. I’ve suffered badly with asthma and ended up in the hospital many times for it- I didn’t die. I may have almost died but I didn’t. I’ve learned good lessons from it and if my child has asthma (which is likely these days) you better believe I’ll know how to take care of them.
  3. I had a 6 month period of horrible illnesses and got depressed, felt like my life was crashing down. Guess what, I made it out alive! I could have been diagnosed with something terminal, I survived it. Hey, at least now I know what back to back viral infections look like. I got to experience depression which now helps me when working with others.
  4. I was hit in the face with a hockey puck, boo hooooooo. It turns out, if my boss hadn’t given me the tickets to this hockey game, he would have taken his kids and I could have killed one of them if it hit them.
  5. Did I mention this stuff all happened within the past year?

I can go on and on with experiences that we’ve surely all been through, shitty friends, shitty boyfriends, bad family situations, blah blah blah. But we can get through it! Always think to yourself, things could have been worse. Always find a way to learn or make better of the situation you’ve been put in.

I felt the need to make this post because it seems that everyday I scroll through social media, its so negative. Someone is heartbroken and it’s the end of their life. Someone crashed their car and it’s the worst day of their life.

Can we just be a little bit more positive about things? I mean yeah at home I whine and make sure I get babied (lol) but I do get positives out of the things that happen to me. If I didn’t, where would I be?



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