Are You Afraid of Becoming a Medium/Psychic?

Okay, so as many of you already may know, I struggled really badly when I realized that I was “different”. I realized the things I saw when I closed my eyes, weren’t things everyone saw. I realized that the things I felt around others, weren’t felt by everyone. I realized that things stopped being “coincidences” these things were coming and I was seeing them.

I can understand why people fear because I’ve been there! I was scared. What was going to happen? This is going to get stronger, what then? What are people going to think? Am I going crazy? What about my family? What if I see things I don’t want to see?

I GET IT! I’ve been there. Now here is why you should take that gift and run with it….

  • We have this gift for a REASON, and it’s to help people and should be used for the greater good
  • Who cares what people think?! Take the leap because it’s the person that you really are. I stopped worrying about losing friends or family over it because if I do… were they really my friends or family to begin with?
  • You see the things you see for a REASON, they’re meant to be seen. They’re often there to help a person or for you to know for yourself.


I feared for a long time, I even stopped going to yoga because it was getting stronger. One day, it turned around and it was time for me to face reality. Things were coming on too strong and I realized it was time for me to go find help and find out how to use what I have.

Let me tell you something, it was the best decision I’ve ever made for myself in my life. I NEVER in a million years imagined that I would be doing readings for people and connecting with the people I connect with. I am so grateful for what I have and I can only hope to help others with it.

If you think you see things a little differently than others, chances are… you DO! You need to look into the gift that you have and figure out how to use it. Embrace the change!!! If you aren’t changing, you aren’t growing. Don’t be afraid, everything in life happens for a reason. If it’s not this life you develop this, perhaps it’s the next. Do not fear the other side as it’s there and we live within it everyday, most just don’t know it.


Thoughts or comments?




3 thoughts on “Are You Afraid of Becoming a Medium/Psychic?

  1. Envy says:

    I empathize. I’m kind of going through something similar. I as a kid, saw so many scary and terrible things, and have had some real bad experiences. I blocked a lot out and as Ive been going through my recovery for this trauma, my abilities have been coming back. At first, I was really terrified that these horrible things would come back to me, but now I realize that the divine will protect me if I ask for it. I make sure to pray and stay close to the divine daily with my spiritual practice and am letting my abilities grow naturally and see where they go. I’m making a definite border that I won’t talk to anything negative and surrounding myself with white light. I hope that as I grow with the mentors I have and the abilities I’m learning, I’ll get to a place like you have.

    Thank you for posting this. This is helpful. 🙂


    • xoxodiarygirl says:

      I did ALOT of reading from books and the internet. I also went and found a mentor who I did a small course with. Most of what I learnt was through books and online however. The library offers a huge selection on these types of things luckily for us!
      I hope this answers your question!


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