So You Started Doing Readings..

So you began to do readings for people! First off, good for you. You took the first step in accepting your gift and actually doing something with it. I can relate!

Since I started doing readings, there are A LOT of things I’ve learned. You see, just like anything else, you learn as you go! You can have all the training in the world but the real learning comes from when you start. A few things I’ve learnt:

  1. Take care of yourself first, us empaths tend to worry about everyone except for ourselves. There’s nothing wrong with being selfish and taking time for yourself! If you’re tired, don’t do that reading! It’s okay to reschedule, it’s okay to stop early if you have to.. If you’re tired, it could also affect that persons reading!
  2. If you have a bad reading, do not stress about it. I learnt this after doing over 30 readings, I had two that were a little off. The one person couldn’t relate to a lot and the other person couldn’t relate to two things. I later got an email letting me know that what I had said ended up making a lot of sense.
  3. This is just a personal thing that I tend to do, remember that everyone has free will. There’s a reason you’re saying what you’re saying but make sure you let the person know that they have the ability to change whatever they want in their life! I also say that from experience.
  4. Stop trying to understand what you see!!! It’s not your job to understand it, it’s your job to tell the person what you see and that’s it! You shouldn’t have to understand it because it isn’t your life, they aren’t your experiences. Let the person know and stop overthinking it!
  5. GROUND, GROUND, GROUND! Ground yourself! Please see here for different ways on how to ground yourself!


Comment with your reading stories, let me know what you think!


Diary Girl

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