So You Had Sleep Paralysis

Have you ever heard of sleep paralysis? Worst. Feeling. Ever.

Ill give you an idea of what it looks like:

You’re falling asleep, you’re minding your own business, you fall into a half sleep and you’re half awake and half asleep in what feels like two different worlds. Suddenly, scary things start happening.. maybe you feel someone next to you that you know isn’t there, maybe you see someone in the hallway, maybe you can hear people talking.

What the hell is it!?

Ill share a few experiences I’ve had with sleep paralysis as well as what I feel and understand about it..

  1. I was sleeping in my bedroom, at the time I was in a room that was upstairs and I could hear everything that was going at the front door. It was early morning and I was beginning to have sleep paralysis, I remember partially waking up and understanding that I was hearing someone put their shoes on at the door. In real life, I tried yelling out “Who’s there?” I heard my sisters voice say “It’s me!” I then realized that it was impossible as my sister was away at the time. I yelled out again, I then heard  a mans deep voice “It’s just me”. I panicked and tried yelling again to wake myself up.. I finally woke up with my cellphone in my hand and I was trying to dial 911.
  2. I was in Mexico, my friend and I had met a man there who showed us around. He was from Vancouver. That night, I woke up in the middle of the night, I remember specifically opening my eyes and looking at the TV and the dark room and my friend sleeping next to me. I felt something get onto my bed, I knew someone was there, I felt the person get onto my side and grab by hand, I couldn’t move. I then heard the man say “Don’t worry, it’s just me”. Weirdly enough, I felt calm, I wasn’t afraid, I was at peace. I can still feel the warmth and the strength of his hand today.
  3. Just recently, my boyfriend left to the gym early in the morning. I remember waking up and seeing it still dark outside. I fell into a partial sleep again and I started to see lights go on in my hallway. I started to feel my body sliding to the side of the bed without me moving it. I then looked into the hallway and I saw a dark shadow walking quickly back and forth across the door. I remember thinking to myself, it must be my boyfriend.. but then realizing it was sleep paralysis. I kept hearing things, seeing things, feeling things but I was unable to move. I then finally flipped my body over and someone that seemed to be my boyfriend was standing next to me by my bed. They were holding down the spot between my eyebrows (your third eye) and he was saying “open your third eye, open your third eye”. I finally woke up.
  4. I remember waking up one morning and being in an out of sleep, I knew I was experiencing sleep paralysis but I was trying to get myself through it, I flipped my body over and something that seemed to be a magazine came before my eyes, I was able to control the pages flipping as well as what I was seeing on the pages. I woke up shortly after.

There’s something about these experiences that seem to be so interesting to me. I’m so intrigued by it and I just want to keep learning more.

For some reason, I cannot help but feel that we slip into another world when going through this experience. I’ve researched a lot and I’ve come to understand that if you can get yourself through this experience without getting afraid or trying to wake up, you’ll have a lucid dream.

To understand a little more about lucid dreaming, click here:

I’ve had a lucid dream once, I hope that I can help someone with this. I know lots of people experience sleep paralysis and they’re afraid and don’t know what to do.

Ill keep everyone updated, please share your experiences!!


One thought on “So You Had Sleep Paralysis

  1. K says:

    It is obvious that I have had both Out of Body Experiences as well as sleep paralysis. I totally remember everything from when I have had Out of Body Experiences but do not remember the dreams I have when I have Sleep Paralysis. My last experience with Sleep Paralysis was very scary as claustrophobia kicked in when I found I could not wake up or move when I tried to. I am going to try to achieve Lucid dreaming and see what happens. I have read your blog and the attached link with some suggestions for developing and remembering lucid dreaming. Wish Me Luck. K


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