Relaxation-What Does It Really Mean?

This post really goes for anyone, not just the fellow empaths, psychics and mediums.

For myself, as all of the above, I am really starting to realize the importance of it. Doing readings daily has really been taking a toll on me, I always wondered why our profession was so expensive. I now realize why, you feel every emotion and you get taken through a rollercoaster ride…you can feel sicknesses, depression, excitement, sadness, etc.

I’ve always been the person to be on the run, my parents have spent my whole life yelling at me over it. I never like to be in one spot, I hate staying home all day. It’s just the type of person I am. I’ve finally noticed what relaxing really means to me and the proper way to do it (for myself). I noticed this when I finally just went through one of the worst sicknesses I’ve ever had.

See, I’m not the type of person to usually get sick but I just experienced back to back viral infections according to the Emergency Doctor at the hospital. It was the worst ever. I was absolutely sure that something was wrong with me, I felt like my whole body was failing me, I felt exhausted all the time and I felt as though I would never get better. I’m annoyed that it took going to the Hospital to have a Doctor listen to me but hey that’s fine!

Relaxing is an absolute need in life! If you dont relax, you will literally go crazy. Even if you’re someone like me! I was starting to have breakdowns in the past few weeks because I started to lose control of my life. I wasn’t making it on time to things, I was feeling exhausted everyday, I would always have somewhere to be. Even for me, it got to me.

I cannot express how important it is to take time for yourself, it’s important for your body and your mental health!

How I’ve learnt to relax:

-Taking a warm quiet bath

-Taking a quiet personal steam

-Doing my nails

-Waking up earlier to have time to relax before work, I find I wake up and I’m already on the run!


-Get my hair done

A big one for me is coming home and not having anything to do. If you’re always on the go, it isn’t healthy for you. Even if you’re doing healthy things, like going to the gym! You must find the time to relax your mind and your body.

Especially if you’re a psychic, it’s hard for us to not be feeling well or have a million things on your mind when you’re doing this for work. You must be good to yourself in order to give other people accurate readings.

Of course, the most important in the book… GROUND YOURSELF!

Relaxing is different for everyone, but for me I’ve come to realize that it means not having anything on my mind for once!

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