Life Changes

So, as you all may have already read, I have never been much of a religious person. I never really had a faith to hold onto and I never really understood what I believed in.

I want to share my experiences recently and how they’ve affected me. Hopefully I can help others that are in the same boat as I am.

This spiritual church here in my city kept catching my attention recently. I kept meaning to go check it out but I wasn’t exactly making it a priority. I went for my first time on Sunday, I was so scared. My boyfriend asked me to relax like 100 times. As many of you may know or may feel, it can be hard for us to walk into a room with however many new people, it’s definitely intimidating and you feel a lot.

Anyway, it was an incredible experience. It was also such a breath of fresh air to see that I believed in everything they talked about. It was more about happiness and making good decisions, singing fun songs, etc. I really enjoyed myself, as did my boyfriend. It also felt really good to get myself out there and try something new. I’ll be attending every Sunday going forward.


I also want to share my experiences with doing readings lately. I’ve noticed that people are really struggling out there. I posted a Facebook message to do free readings as I’ve been wanting to test my accuracy and the feedback has been incredible. I noticed from the moment I started doing, how amazing it felt. The fact that you can help a person, give them an idea of what they could be doing to change their life for the better, it’s incredible.

I know that many people with gifts struggle, they feel crazy, they wish they didn’t have it. I was the same way, let me be the one to tell you that you’re meant to have it. Everyone has it in them but most cannot reach that level of awakening. If you have it, it’s a gift and you should learn to use it.

I’ve ran into so many people who are so lost in life, they’re lost inside, they’re scared, they’re unsure what the future brings. If you have this gift, use it for the better. Do not be afraid of it!

Questions or comments?

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