What Should I Believe In?

Oooh, touchy subject, right?

I’ve always been a little lost in my life with my beliefs, I never was the type who went to church and prayed to God. I just knew that I was a born and raised Catholic. I don’t know what that means to others but to me it meant I went to a Catholic school and wore crosses and stuff haha.

I remember the first time I saw a psychic, it was many years ago. My mother was so upset with me, her exact words “May God forgive you for what you’ve done”. I wasn’t bothered by it.

You see, what we do isn’t wrong. It’s a gift that’s given to us for a reason. We are also free to believe what we want, everyone is different.

Personally, I know there’s something there, I call it source as everyone has different beliefs on what it may be and I don’t want to offend anyone. Someone’s given us this ability and it’s given to us to do what’s right. I also find truth in many religions, that’s why it’s hard for me. I do find that I believe in a lot of the beliefs a Buddhist has.

All I know is that when I need to feel protected and safe, there’s something there to do that for me. When I feel hopeless, somethings there to give me that push. What that something is for you, I’m not sure but I am sure you’ll find it.

Do some research and see what really hits home with you. What feels right to you? I’m not here to tell anyone how they should live and what they should believe in, I’m just here to give you my opinion!

Maybe some of you have heard of archangels and you’re curious, I’ve found you a list that you can read so you can understand who the archangels are and what they do.


Remember to always believe in what you want to believe in and do not push your beliefs on others.

Comments or Question?


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