You Think Youre An Old Soul

Have you ever been told you’re an old soul? Have you ever found yourself watching a movie from the 50’s and felt like you’ve lived it before? Maybe it’s just a simple love for an era, maybe the music, maybe the clothing.It’s likely that you have lived it.

You see, growing up I always liked listening to music that people my age didn’t quite have any clue about. I always had a strong love for the 50’s and 60’s.

Some might say it’s because I have older parents and siblings but I just can’t help but feel there’s been many past lives that I have lived.

I remember very clearly studying ancient Egypt times in school and it really resonating with me. Everything about it, it intrigued me like nothing before. I remember I went through this phase where all I did was read about it, I took books out, I spent time online.

Even simple things like seeing record players, I remember my sister having one when I was little and just the look of it, the feel of it, the sound of it, just so familiar and it felt so good to hear. My sister would leave and I’d spend summer days playing her different records. What a joyful moment for me, I’ll never forget it.

I once met a lady who told me I was an old soul, what was different about it was that she could actually see into my past lives. She’s a professional here in Canada. It’s funny because it explained a lot about why I am the way I am in this life today!

Don’t be afraid to learn new things, discover and always grow! Check out this link for more information on past lives:

If you have any experiences in something like this, or any comments, please do comment below!



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