So You’ve Been Cheated On

Im sure most of us can say we’ve been in a situation where cheating was involved, maybe you saw it, maybe it happened to you, maybe you even did it.

The feeling to have someone you love betray you is one like no other. Just that feeling of why did someone you love go behind your back and cheat with someone who wasn’t you? It’s a feeling that you can’t understand and at the same time can’t bare to feel.

Ill share my first cheating experience. I was 16 and in love (aren’t we all at that age). The only difference is I stayed with the idiot after it happened. Here was my news flash: If someone is like that at that age, they’ll likely be that way forever.

I met a new girl at school, I really liked her and wanted to be friend her. I hung out with her one day after school and my boyfriend at the time decided to join us. To make this long story short, my boyfriend and I got into a small argument and I left and said I’d meet him at home, turned out she decided she’d stay with him. My Dad drove me home and when we got to my house, guess what I saw! My boyfriend and new friend all over each other.

Needless to say, I was devastated. I was young, it was probably my first real heartbreak. I took the girl to a side and gave her a piece of my mind, kicked her out and never saw her again. I then walked over to my “boyfriend”, punched him in the face and broke his glasses. MAN that felt good. There’s a smile on my face as I type this.

How about another story for you? Since I was THAT dumb, I may as well share the experience, right?

The next time it happened was years and years later, I was sleeping in bed after a long night of being a stupid party animal. I was so sick all the way home I thought I was going to die. I honestly even considered going to the Hospital at some point. I was puking vile uncontrollably, it was scary. Turns out, your body can’t handle that many substances at a time.

I woke up to find my boyfriend going through my phone and screaming at me “How could you cheat on me!”. To simplify things, he found a message on my phone telling a girlfriend I wanted to give someone a “big fat kiss” because he was so cute. Anyway, I was in an out of the world, I could barley understand where I was. He freaked out at me and told me to get out of the house as he continued to look through my phone. He left the house and took my phone to his car.

As I was packing up my things, I hear a phone going off, I’m looking and looking as it won’t stop going off. I finally find a strange phone and it was some woman calling. My boyfriend at the time came back in and I asked him who was calling. This is where he mentioned to me that he had called a girl to come over now and that I needed to get out of the house immediately. He slept with her that day.

Hows that for a heartbreak? I was pissed, I remember calling my sister and freaking out.

Honestly, I truly believe everything happens for a reason. Even when it’s something really really horrible like this. I wouldn’t have the life I have today if it wasn’t for that asshole.

So what did I do after my breakup? How did I heal? I went crazy! I went into this huge party mode and dating mode. I’d never dated in my life but I must say I lost my mind a little after this one.

If you’ve had a rough breakup, you’ve been cheated on or maybe you’re just heartbroken, go and enjoy your life! Find yourself, have fun, do stupid shit. That’s my best advice to anyone out there going through a breakup. It may sound ridiculous but boy did it ever make me feel better.

I found a man that I truly love after the whole situation so I am very grateful.

Have any thoughts? Want to talk about a breakup? Comment below or email me!


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