Empaths-How to Deal

So you think you may be an empath?

Have you found that your whole life, you cannot explain the reason you feel the way you do?

When I first started my medium/empath training course, my teacher had me do a reading on her. She asked me simple things like: what should she expect in the next couple months, will she go on vacation, will she get a new car. These were all quite easy for me however there was one question that really hit me in a different way. She asked me if her mother was going to be okay. Now, this might seem simple to answer but it wasn’t for me.

There’s one thing I’ll explain about myself, I am a VERY polite person to others, ESPECIALLY if I don’t know them overly well. So what I had said to her next really shocked me… I asked her if her mother had cancer, without thinking twice about what was coming out of my mouth. Once I had said it, I felt an overwhelming need to cry, I freaked out. I started crying and my teacher looked at me and said “Stop. This emotion that you’re feeling doesn’t belong to you, stop and think about it”. I quickly thought to myself and said shit… this really isn’t my emotion… I had picked up on what she had felt inside when I told her.

When you find yourself in a situation where you think you may be acting irrationally to something someone has done or said or anything.. really take that moment to think to yourself if you’re acting on your own feeling or theirs.

I found this happening in many situations after I started paying attention to it. For example, a woman I know approached me about a situation. Basically she confronted me because she knew I wasn’t overly happy about something she said about me behind my back. She walked up behind me and tapped my shoulder, when I turned around to look at her, I felt extremely upset, I wanted to cry and I was overly scared. I stopped, looked down and really thought to myself.. is this my emotion? I took a deep breath and decided it wasn’t. When I looked up at her, she had fear in her eyes and could barley speak because she wanted to cry… again, this was her emotion..

Imagine if in that moment, I had acted on how I felt. I would have been an emotional wreck without thinking about it. Why act on an emotion that isn’t mine?

So how does one know if they are empaths or if they’re just highly sensitive? I went to http://foreverconscious.com/are-you-an-empath-or-just-highly-sensitive for more information and found these points to simply explain:

  • People feel comfortable telling you their personal stories and often comment how good they feel after talking to you, but you usually feel worse after talking to them.
  • You experience aches and pains that are also being experienced by your loved ones or the people around you.
  • When you are around others, you can pick up on certain energies and emotions, however when you are on your own, you feel a sense of calm and normality.
  • You have trouble concentrating when others are around, or you feel overwhelmed easily when hanging around others, especially in crowded places.
  • Some people appear to be intimidated by you as they can feel that you can see right through them.
  • You understand or comprehend a lot of what others are going through and seem to know more than you were verbally told.
  • You can instantly detect and absorb the emotions of others and feel them on a physical level.
  • When you are around certain people you find yourself acting out of character or doing things you wouldn’t normally do.
  • You have a hard time navigating through your own feelings and emotions and working out why you feel a certain way.
  • You feel a certain way but have no idea why, only to find out that someone close to you is going through the same emotions.
  • In Astrology, empaths usually have their Moon in a water sign or another sensitive placement.


If you think you may be an empath, it is extremely important to learn how to protect yourself from others emotions.

It has been said that empaths are more prone to depression, this is because were picking up others emotions all day long.

Personally, I think that it’s important to take that moment to realize what you feel and ask yourself if it’s truly your own feeling. When you are finding that someone is draining you of your energy or if you’re picking up someone’s emotion that isn’t yours, imagine a large shield coming up from the ground to cover you. Another really good tactic is to imagine a mirror between you and the person you are speaking to. This will reflect their emotions onto their self, not to you.

I find these tools to be very important in my everyday life. I find that I’m less “moody”.

The most important tool I use is grounding myself. There’s many ways out there you can use to ground yourself. I find that if I stand still, imagine a golden rod come from the top of my head, through my body, through the ground and the rod being wrapped up into the ground helps me a lot. For other grounding techniques, please see here:


If you have any questions or would like more information, you know where to find me.



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