You’re a what?

Okay so I know people are going to start asking, what the hell do you mean you’re an empath/psychic?

First off, I barley understand it myself and it took me many years to get it figured out. I’ll explain it the best I can…. Growing up I never saw things as others saw them, I just didn’t realize it until I was older.

I’ll give an example, when I look at people, I know what they are feeling immediately because I can feel it myself. I’ve always seen auras but I didn’t realize it wasn’t something everyone saw. My whole life I’ve felt inexplicable feelings or pains at odd times.

Anyway, years ago I started doing yoga, reading books, learning from people who have years of experience and now I’m here in the beginning stages of it all.

My toughest times were when I started to see what people really thought or felt towards me, of course it was going to suck. I really struggled as I dropped friends and family members realizing they weren’t the right people to have in my life. Don’t get me wrong, I would never drop a best friend or immediate family but I left the ones I knew I needed to for my own well being.

One of my biggest experiences so far:

My best friend lost her mother a few years ago, I’ve started to see her mother the way she is on the other side and I’ve started getting messages from her. It sounds crazy but it’s a thing. LOL.

Basically, if anyone is experiencing any of these things, maybe you have questions or want some help, please contact me! Helping is what I was put on this earth to do and I truly do believe that. I’m not just here to be a pain in the ass like everyone thinks I am. (Mom & Dad)… (and boyfriend)….(and everyone I’ve ever met)






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