Lets Talk Chakras

Put your hand up if you’ve ever been personally victimized by the Chakra talk?! Mee! So it’s becoming very popular and well known these days but what the heck is it? Chakras aren’t exactly the most simple topic but I will put it in the most simple terms possible. What are they? We have 7 … More Lets Talk Chakras


So, I’ve had a pretty questionable start to my year. I’ve been in the hospital twice, once I was very ill and the second was because an Calgary Flames player shot a puck at my face (laugh with me). Regardless, I’m still so grateful for my life. I cannot help but think how much worse … More Grateful

Are You Afraid of Becoming a Medium/Psychic?

Okay, so as many of you already may know, I struggled really badly when I realized that I was “different”. I realized the things I saw when I closed my eyes, weren’t things everyone saw. I realized that the things I felt around others, weren’t felt by everyone. I realized that things stopped being “coincidences” … More Are You Afraid of Becoming a Medium/Psychic?

Dating a Narcissist

I dated a narcissist for a very long time… you might be wondering if you’re dating one. I can tell you one thing, if you think you are, you likely are. The traitsĀ  a narcissist carries:   They’re amazing at first impression, they charm you , they’re personable. Someone you can really see yourself getting … More Dating a Narcissist

Life Changes

So, as you all may have already read, I have never been much of a religious person. I never really had a faith to hold onto and I never really understood what I believed in. I want to share my experiences recently and how they’ve affected me. Hopefully I can help others that are in … More Life Changes

Embracing Change

Change.. some people freak out when they even heard the word. I was like that for many years. Change scared me so much until I realized the importance of it. We have such a shitty attitude of “I am who I am”, “I was born this way”, crap like that. But why? Why do we … More Embracing Change